No room in your home is more prone to collecting grime and gunk than the bathroom. This is the place in the home where chemical care products, slimy toothpastes and bodily functions make contact with the various fixtures in the room.

While it may be the grossest room to clean, it doesn’t need to be the hardest. Cleaning bathrooms can be incredibly easy and even fun if you are prepared for it.

There’s nothing quite like having a pristine bathroom to come home to and it’s probably much healthier to have clean bathroom than a grimy one. Let’s take a look at the best ways to easily clean your bathroom!


To make the job of cleaning the bathroom easier, make sure all of the surfaces you need to access are clear of amenities like cups, cloths and care products. Move all of your side tables, stools or other small cabinet pieces out of the room so you can clean behind and under them.

Make sure you have a fan turned on and have proper ventilation before you start using chemical products like bleach or disinfectants. It’s a good time saver to pour bleach into the toilet bowl along with the toilet brush so they both start soaking while you work on other areas.

Dust the area and get rid of any cobwebs before you start using wet products.

Cleaning surfaces

Make sure you wear some rubber gloves so that the chemicals you use don’t splash back and dry out your hands. It’s good to start from the top and work your way down as the toughest stains are those that have defied gravity to stay on the ceiling.

When cleaning baths and showers pay special attention to the hard water areas around drainage points because this is where green marks and rust shows up. You will want to use an eliminator mixture designed to get rid of calcium, lime and rust.

Keeping it clean

The best way to make cleaning the bathroom easier is to stop the mess from building up in the first place. There are several things you can do to keep the room clean but it will take some extra effort not everyone will find worthwhile.

  • Use the fan while in the shower to prevent moisture clinging to surfaces.
  • Use the toilet brush even if it doesn’t seem necessary as it will remove faint stains before they become visible.
  • Wash toothpaste down the sink properly, minimise the amount that gets on the sink and faucets.