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Any room with a large group of children in it is going to require regular cleaning. There are going to be sick children that leave infectious bacteria behind, there will be foodstuffs left in strange places and the carpets will get dirty. Our cleaners have the skills and materials to deal with all of it, to keep your childcare or school clean and healthy!

We make sure that desks and doors are sanitised, bathrooms and change rooms are mopped and (if necessary) scrubbed and that food preparation areas are squeaky clean. We also clean your carpets, windows and walls, and make sure we find all of the rubbish that the kids leave behind!

Children can also suffer allergic reactions to harsh chemicals, so we use the gentlest cleaning materials available that will still be up to the job of cleaning up after a group of children.

To find out more and to discuss any special cleaning needs your school or childcare centre might have, call us now on (02) 8091 7080!

School and Childcare Cleaning

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